Our Team

For many years, we have been dedicated to the research and market intelligence closely associated with the legal society across the globe, covering dozens of jurisdictions in multiple continents.

Recently, We have further shifted its focus to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific market, including the two leading BRICs countries China and India, and reinforced its presence in that region with strengthened research team and by collaborating with local legal information suppliers. The Legalband assesses the law firms and individual lawyers, with a well-designed research programme and methodology, so as to reflect the capabilities and the real positions of those firms and lawyers in the market.

The ranking results are subject to the analysis of a various range of information that are collected by our researchers. Our team members have extensive experience and knowledge in the legal market and practising law.

Our ranking is aiming to distinguish the elite of the elite in the legal market, providing reliable recommendations for corporate in-house counsel and individuals. Our bands and rankings have proven to be a trustworthy guide for clients who need to instruct appropriate and competent lawyers.